HBS has been working with a variety of Importers, Exporters and Freight Company's for many
years and can offer a large variety of options with either LTL, Full Truck Load, Partial Truck Load,
Importing and Exporting both with and without insurance.  HBS can also offer Currier , and
package delivery to most anywhere in the US and outside the US.

Since we have been able to get substantial savings in these areas we now  would like to offer
these services to you.

Please contact us via e-mail
logistics@hbssi.com or phone 952-881-5895.
Services Offered:

* LTL or Freight by the pallet

* Partial Truck Load

* Full Truck Load

* Currier Services (Local Only)

* Package Delivery

* Importing

* Exporting

*  Customs

* Export Crating
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