Item #  
The ABS Model TTBS-15 Slicer can slice up to 15", tabletop bread slicer.  Slices
up to 240loaves to per hour, 22" chute, solid steel construction, stainless steel in
all food contact areas, standard 5/8" slices with optional 1/2" and 3/4" slices.
The ABS Model JRLL-18 Slicer slices up to 18", automatic rear load bread slicer,
Traction spring on lever pulls bread through the machine all the way through the
blades so no operator assistance is required, crusty and soft breads, perfect for
doing 250 loaves per day.
The ABS Model JFLA-18 Slicer slices up to 18", automatic floor model bread
slicer, Automatically pushes loaves through the blades with one touch of a button,
will run in single slice or continuous slice auto mode until is shut off, slices loaves
every 12-14 seconds in auto mode
The Oliver Model 709 Slicer slices up to 14", tabletop bread slicer. Push button
start, fast lever action, easily replaceable inexpensive blades are frame mounted
under spring tension, attached bagging scoop for convenient packaging
The Oliver Model 732N Slicer slices up to 16",  front load bread slicer        Front
mounted push button controls, front mounted bagging scoop that adjusts for
smaller loaves, uses lowest cost replacement blades in the industry and easily
The Oliver Model 777 Slices virtually all varieties of bread cleanly and quickly,
automatically holds bread in place during slicing, independently mounted
balanced tensioned blades, optional bagging scoop is available but not included
The Oliver Model 797 Slicer Handles up to 600 loaves per hour, equipped with
last loaf pusher, 32" & 48" feed chutes available, easy independently mounted
blades, swing away bagger optional
Harvest Bakery Services offers a
variety of bread slicers including
such brands a Oliver, ABS, UBE,
AMF, etc.  Also as part of the slicing
systems we offer bread packaging,
bagging, etc.
New, used and refurbished Slicers and packaging equipment are available through the vast network of equipment
brokers all over the country.  Please contact us for further information @ (952) 881-5895