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Bloemhof Super 12 Horizontal Air bagger has a unique design that allows you to
organize your product on the loading deck and simply push it into the opened
bag.  The adjustable wings hold open the bag for product entry.  The Super 12 is
designed to bag breads, tray buns, pitas, subs and other products from 4" to 12"
wide. An optional workstation makes this unit a truly versatile loose bun and roll
bagger. The Super 12S model can be mounted on a gravity feed slicer.  Voltage
115 / 1 ph.
Bloemhof Mini-Vert Air bagger has a unique design that is a perfect Bread slicer
companion. The vertical design prevents bread slices from shifting and the special
wings eliminate bag tearing. The next bag inflates instantly and holds it ready for
your next loading.  Cut your bagging costs in half and finish three times faster
than manual bagging!  Comes in 2 models; Model "M" 5” Wide Chute, 9” Minimum
Bag Width and the Model "M7" 7” Wide Chute, 10 1/2” Minimum Bag Width.  
Voltage 115 / 1 ph.
Tach-it offers a wide variety of ribbons that include the standard, poly core and
decorative it colors: Red, White, Green, Blue, Tan Yellow, Orange and Black.  
Please contact us for further information and pricing.  
The Tach-it Model #3555 is a manual twist tie machine that applies a  recloseable
twist tie.  Designed for lower production applications, This inexpensive machine is
perfect for bakeries, food packaging and industrial users. The model #3555 needs
only a 3" piece of ribbon to secure the bag which is 25% less than other
manufactures.  Dimensions: 14" long, 6" wide, 14" high,
Operating speed - 40 per minute
The most technologically advanced twist tie machine in the world is the Tach-it
Model #3567. This state of the art machine does not utilize a reciprocating arm
eliminating jams and allows for an easy straight line ribbon feed. Simple to use
and requires no tools for spool changeovers, The model #3567 is constructed of
all  steel components, has a ½" tying capacity, uses an economical  3" piece of   
material per closure (that is 25% less than  competitive machines), and uses all
standard, decorative, and Tach-it's exclusive Polly core non-metallic twist tie
materials. Voltage: 115 / 1 ph
The Tach-It Model #3570 is the perfect twist tie machine for larger bags or for
applications where variable tying diameters are necessary. Adjustable tying
diameters from 1/8 inch to 1 3/8 inch allows this machine to be used for a variety
of products including bags, small coils, hanks, bundles, and on most products
where a twist tie closure is desired. Manufactured with the finest components, this
machine requires no tools to make tying adjustments, has separate adjustments
for tying diameter and ribbon length, and requires no operator training prior to
use. The model #3570 uses 5/32 inch wide twist tie ribbon including our exclusive
Tach-It polycore, non-metallic twist tie ribbon, Voltage 110 volt (220V available) / 1
Bread Baggers and Twist
Tie Machines
No bagging production is complete with out an efficient way to bag and / or tie the bag.  Harvest Bakery
Services offers a variety of manufactures to do just that.  For further information and pricing please
contact us @ (952) 881-5895
Tach -It
The Model #3300 Tach-it bag opener is made of Stainless Steel and F.D.A.
approved structural polymers for maximum efficiency.  Utilizing wickeded bags, the
model #3300 bag opener has adjustable arms for loading tray, and an air velocity
control.  The model #3300 has an exclusive polymer uni-body construction that
means this unit is non-corrosive and can not dent or rust.  Machine works on all  
size bags under 14" wide and any length.  Dimensions: 35" Long, 16" Wide, 12"
high ,Voltage: 110 / 1 ph (220V Available)
The Tach-it Model #3350 is perfect for use on Bakery items including sliced and
un-sliced breads, produce, etc. The Model #3350 Iis made of all Steel  
components with Stainless Steel top plates, arms and bag loading plate.  This unit
also has  adjustable position arms, air velocity controls and can be used in either a
vertical or horizontal position. Machine comes with 5" tall arms - standard.  
Dimensions:  26” Long, 17” Wide, 13.5” High. Voltage: 110 / 1 ph (220 volt